Product Access

700Credit offers many methods of access to our credit and compliance solutions including:  our state of the art 700Dealer.com web-based platform, direct access through DealerTrack and RouteOne, or through direct integration with the industry’s leading DMS and CRM solutions.

If your system of choice is not listed on our Partners page, a custom integration may be available.  Contact us to see if your preferred platform provider is supported by 700Credit.


700Credit has designed a browser-based application that gives clients the ability to order and receive credit reports, compliance products and prescreen services electronically through the Internet. 700Credit utilizes multiple layers of security and SSL technologies to prevent unauthorized access to our secure web site or retrieval of data. Internet order and delivery of credit reports provides clients with a great deal of flexibility and control. Requests can be placed, and completed reports retrieved, from any PC that has Internet access. Completed reports may be saved as files, printed as hard copy records, or stored indefinitely at no charge in our secure system.

700Credit XML

XML is an industry standard language that allows multiple applications, legacy systems and/or websites to seamlessly interface with our data. When you integrate 700Credit into your software or product offering, you’ll increase its value exponentially. 700Credit has already partnered with many of the top software providers including Reynolds & Reynolds POWER.

DealerTrack, Route One and More…

If your dealership’s primary method of access for Credit Reports is DealerTrack or Route One, 700Credit can be your Credit Report provider. In addition, 700Credit is the industry’s leader in the number of quality integrations to most automotive software platforms (CRM, DMS, ILM, etc.) available today. Contact us today to find out more about how your dealership can satisfy your Credit Report, Compliance and Prescreen needs through the platforms you are utilizing today.

Custom Solutions

We offer custom integrations depending on your data needs. We’d like the opportunity to discuss the potential of forming a profitable partnership to provide state-of-the art credit reporting to your customers via your software platform or website. Start taking advantage of what 700Credit can offer you — increased revenues, competitive advantage, and a value-added service for your customers. To find out more, please contact: Affiliate Relations at: (866) 273-3848 E-mail: sales@700Credit.com

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