October 2018 Newsletter



Credit, Compliance, Prescreen 
& Consumer Pre-qualification Solutions 

In this edition: 
  • Partner Spotlight:  Dominion Web Control Implements Auto-Pull Prescreen Solution
  • NEW RED FLAG FEATURE:  OOW Email Notification 
  • 700Credit Has Moved to a Bigger Space!
  • Dealer Summit: March 11-13, 2019
  • Where to Find Us Next


Partner Spotlight:  Dominion Web Control Launches
Auto-Pull Prescreen Solution Powered by 700Credit

We are pleased to announce that Dominion has integrated the 700Credit QuickScreen Auto-Pull technology in their Web Control Internet Lead Management (ILM) platform.  Now each time a new lead is entered in to the ILM, it is automatically “prescreened”, and the soft-pull data is appended to the customer record – including live FICO score aligned with the bureau and scorecard used in your finance office and all open auto tradeline data.  Now every lead can be worked quickly, and dealers can present a firm offer to the consumer earlier in the sales process, including monthly payments and interest rate.

QuickScreen helps eliminate the guesswork when working a new deal.  Our QuickScreen solution gives you the visibility you need to prescreen your leads and prepare you for the phone call or email you will send to schedule an appointment.

For more information on the 700Credit QuickScreen solution, call:  866-273-3848.   

For more information on the Dominion Web Control platform:

Click Here

NEW RED FLAG FEATURE:  Out of Wallet Email Notification

We recently rolled out an enhancement to our Out of Wallet product – Email Notifications. When this new feature is enabled on a dealer’s account, and a consumer fails the OOW questions, an email is automatically sent to the contact assigned to receive these notifications.

This new feature benefits the dealer in that they will be immediately notified when someone fails the out of wallet question(s) so that further action can be taken quickly (i.e. manual ID verification).

For more information call:  866-273-3848.

700Credit has Moved!! 

On Monday August 27, 700Credit moved to a brand new facility in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  We have enjoyed a period of growth over the past few years and it was time to find a new space that would accommodate our current and future needs.

If you find yourself in the area, stop in to check it out!

New address: 
31440 Northwestern Highway
Suite 250
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Office: (866) 273-3848
Fax: (800) 494-7020


Mark Your Calendars! 

Dealer Summit Scheduled for March 11-13, 2019 in Henderson, NV!
700Credit is very pleased to announce the official date and location of our very first Dealer Summit!  The Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV, just a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip will host our clients, partners, affiliates and the 700Credit team as we gather in the desert for 2 days filled with great content and networking. 

Please check out our website (https://www.700credit.com/dealersummit/) to learn more about the event and to register now to take advantage of the early bird discount!
Click Here to Learn More

Where to Find Us Next:
Oct 8 – 10  – Industry Summit – Orlando FL 

Oct 8 – 10  – NIADA NABD Conference – Las Vegas, NV

Oct 16 – 18 – Digital Dealer – Las Vegas, NV

Oct 21 – 23  – DrivingSales Executive Summit – Las Vegas, NV

Oct 24 – 26  – AutoFinance Summit – Las Vegas, NV




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