Generate exponentially more qualified sales leads directly from your website with QuickQualify- a web-based pre-qualification solution that drives higher consumer engagement without requiring a SSN or DOB. QuickQualify provides unique insights into your customers’ credit profile – before they walk into your dealership!

How it Works

Our QuickQualify entry form is short and simple – requiring only a consumer’s name and address – making it much more likely they will complete the form. Consumers receive an immediate response if they are pre-qualified, and are emailed a certificate they can print and bring to the dealership. This is a soft-pull solution and does not affect their credit score. When the consumer completes the pre-qualification process, your lead manager receives a text message that a new lead is available, along with an email that contains the customer information and their auto credit profile. The data is automatically added to your CRM.

700Credit-quick-qualify-screenQuickQualify makes it easy to identify:

  • The subprime customer, so you can work them the right way from the start.
  • The equity customer with a high interest rate and good credit score.
  • The prime customer who can take delivery immediately.
  • A motivated customer that has been recently shopping for a vehicle.
  • The service customer who did not buy a car from you, but is in a good equity position.

How you Benefit

  • Understand the credit history of your internet leads before they even walk into the store.
  • Gives you better insight on how to prioritize leads by identifying your best opportunities based on credit profile.
  • Instantly appends auto credit profile data to your CRM making it easy to access.
  • Since no personal information is requested, consumers are exponentially more likely to fill out the form, providing you with more qualified leads from your website than ever before.
  • By knowing a consumer’s credit profile early on in the sales cycle, you are more likely to hold deal gross.
  • Improve closing ratios by putting the right person in the right car and finance product right from the start.


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