PreScreen Solutions

Eliminate the guesswork when working a deal – with QuickScreen from 700Credit! What if you knew your customer’s FICO score and auto credit profile as soon as they walked into your dealership – or drive in for service? What if you had a solution to prioritize inbound leads before you pick up the phone? QuickScreen is integrated with your CRM, so it is easy to access, easy to use. QuickScreen gives you visibility into your customer’s credit profile before you work a deal, so you can work the right deal, right away, saving time and preventing a potentially uncomfortable situation for your customer.

How it is Used

QuickScreen can be used in several scenarios within your dealership:

  • To qualify and prioritize inbound and internet leads
  • To mine for opportunities within your CRM
  • To prequalify in-store and service lane customers

How it Works

QuickScreen helps you quickly and easily identify:

  • The subprime customer so you can work them the right way from the start
  • The equity customer with a high interest rate and good credit score
  • The prime customer who can take delivery immediately
  • The service customer who did not buy a car from you, but is in a good equity position
  • The pre-approved customer – eliminating the intimidating process of waiting to hear if they are approved
  • A motivated customer that has been recently shopping for a vehicle
  • The credit history of your internet leads before they even walk into the store

How you Benefit

  • Identify opportunities to upsell in the service lane
  • Minimizes the time spent with a customer by putting them in the right car, right away
  • No social security number or DOB needed from the customer
  • Helps to prioritize leads from all inbound sources by identifying your best opportunities based on credit profile
  • Auto credit profile data is instantly appended to your CRM making it easy to access
  • Improves closing ratios
  • Helps hold deal gross
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