Credit Reports

700Credit is a leading authorized reseller of credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. We have several credit solutions available, depending on your needs.


700Credit Reports

credit-reports-thumbWe offer access to reports from the leading national credit companies, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Credit Reports contain information from credit grantors, courts, and collection agencies regarding the historical loans by the consumer. Credit Reports also include Scores (FICO and Vantage), and public records such as judgments, liens, and bankruptcies. Credit Reports may include previous employers, addresses and other names used. All 700Credit clients receive their choice of report format, score and ancillary products.

FICO Scores

Lenders use FICO scores to statistically rate the likelihood that a consumer will pay the requested loan. Dealers use FICO scores to match applicants with the appropriate lender and program. 700Credit offers ALL FICO scores available, i.e., standard bankruptcy, automotive enhanced, classic scores, and next generation scores.

Vantage Score

Vantage Score is a generic credit scoring model that opens doors to the opportunities that having credit creates. Created by the three major credit reporting companies, Vantage Score’s highly predictive model uses an innovative scoring methodology to provide lenders with a consistent interpretation of consumer credit files across all three major credit reporting companies, and the ability to score a broad population. This means lenders can help more credit-worthy borrowers, and millions of Americans who use credit infrequently can be accurately scored.

Credit Report Summary

Credit Report Summary provides a “snapshot” of activity in the credit report. Returned at the top of the report, it helps analyze the most significant factors in a consumer’s credit file. This powerful tool contains many key calculations from the credit profile giving you a picture of the consumer’s debt, monthly obligations and payment history. Also, users are alerted to derogatory items like public records, number of collection accounts, number of derogatory accounts and more.

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