May Newsletter

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700Credit is pleased introduce the integration of our QuickScreen soft-pull solution with the DriveItNow’s Shop-By-Payment platform, a patent-pending proprietary technology of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS). 

700Credit is pleased to introduce the integration on our Quick Screen soft-pull solution with DriveItNow’s Shop-By-Payment customers can instantly view all inventory they qualify for, with their actual monthly payment (not an estimate), based on:

  • Their real full credit bureau, using instant “soft pull” with no SSN, DOB, or impact on customer credit (link to bureau also delivered to your CRM)
  • Your tiered Bank/OEM finance/lease programs (with full rebates/incentives, compatibility and stackability, as well as customized dealer rate participation)
  • Automated trade-in equity calculation

Allowing consumers to comparison shop inventory based on accurate personalized monthly payments enhances customer satisfaction and builds trust, while increasing front and back end profits for the dealer. It’s good for the consumer and good for the industry. Dealers are seeing results:

  • Lead volume up 25% – 40%
  • Lead engagement > 75%
  • Appointment-to-show > 80
  • Lead-to-close ratios > 20%
  • Front-end profit up 25%
  • Back-end profit up 33%

With the integration of QuickScreen data and the DriveItNow platform the industry is now able to transact a deal completely online.
Fully compliant disclosures

  • All qualifying programs and terms (updated daily)
  • Customizable down payment and pricing options
  • Credit tiered rates
  • Customizable reserve markups
  • All applicable rebates and incentives

QuickScreen from 700Credit gives you visibility into your customer’s credit profile before you work a deal, so you can work the right deal, right away, saving time and preventing a potentially uncomfortable situation for your customer. QuickScreen provides dealers with a customer’s FICO Score, Available revolving credit, Auto Inquiries in the last 30 days, and a complete summary of all open auto trade lines, providing data including:

  • Monthly Payments
  • Interest Rates
  • Remaining Balance / Payoff Payment History
  • Months Remaining on Auto Loans

For more information on DriveItNow please visit their website at:
For more information on our QuickScreen solution, visit:

QuickScreen Best Practices – Inbound Leads

Click here to learn how to best use QuickScreen for your inbound leads, and check back next month for Part 2 of our series. 

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700Credit – QuickScreen Best Practices

Please join our webinar on QuickScreen Best Practices to learn how to best use our prescreen tool in all aspects of your dealership, from the showroom, to internet leads, to the service lane. Our QuickScreen is a soft-pull solution and does not affect the consumer’s credit score. The entry form is short and simple – requiring only a consumer’s name and address – making it much more likely they will complete the form. Make sure you sign up and tune in to learn more

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